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Carbapenemase Combo Rapid Test Kit

It is used for in vitro qualitative rapid detection of carbapenemase enzymes including KPC, NDM,VIM, IMP ,OXA-48, which are produced by bacteria from human samples after culture.
Accurate and quick detection of carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae(CRE) is of great significance for clinical prevention and treatment.
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Product Features
Qualified Rapid Simple Varied
CE Mark Results in 10-30 mins Easy operation Combo testing for IMP/NDM/KPC/VIM/OXA-48

Test Steps

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Collect bacterial samples Put the bacterial samples into lysis solution Oscillate evenly by vortex oscillator Add 50ul of samples

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Catalog  No. Sepcification
WB-CAR-BO.K.N.V.I01 1pc/Box
WB-CAR-BO.K.N.V.I02 2pcs/Box
WB-CAR-BO.K.N.V.I05 5pcs/Box
WB-CAR-BO.K.N.V.I25 25pcs/Box
WB-CAR-BO.K.N.V.I50 50pcs/Box
WB-CAR-BO.K.N.V.I100 100pcs/Box
Compatible head: Universal
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